The Accountability Process

Starting the Accountability Relationship

  1. Download Accountable2You software and install it on your computer. Use as the email address that you would like to accountability reports sent to. 
  2. Send an email to letting us know that you would desire to be accountable to one of our coaches. 
  3. One of our coaches will reply with an “Accountability Covenant” that will need to be signed and returned back via email before the process will begin. 
  4. The Covenant will be in affect for a three (3) month “trial” term.  If it is found to be a good match on both sides a new Covenant will be made for nine (9) months.  A new twelve (12) month Covenant will be made each year following.

During the Accountability Relationship

  1. It is imperative to the health of the relationship that the accountability partners (coach & student) keep in regular weekly contact. 
  2. There will be temptations to drop the relationship.  If you are facing these temptation, discuss it with your coach right away! 
  3. Failures WILL happen… it is part of the process!  We understand, and expect them!  Don’t be ashamed of the process!

Ending the Accountability Relationship

  1. Any dropped relationship that does not complete the agreed upon Covenant will not be renewed indefinitely. 
  2. If it is apparent that the relationship was started for no other reason that to have someone to “brag” to about exploits, that relationship will also be dropped and will not be renewed indefinitely.

We are here to serve you and help you become the man that God called you to be!