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Creepy Jesus Pictures

Explore the dynamic facets of Jesus seldom discussed. He wasn't just a gentle figure; he displayed righteous indignation and courage. Discover the real Jesus who challenged norms, turned tables, and calls us to be strong yet compassionate in our faith. Uncover the complexity of Christ in this eye-opening blog post.

Nourishing Your Heart: The Power of God’s Word in Your Journey toward Godly Manhood

Unlock the secrets to becoming a godly man on your journey of faith. Discover the transformative power of God's Word in our latest blog post. Dive into the depths of Scripture, nurture your heart, and embrace a path to spiritual growth like never before. Don't miss out!


Explore the profound impact of divine providence on our daily lives in our Spirituality section. Discover how seemingly coincidental moments, like the one shared in our recent blog post, can be seen as divine guidance. Join us in exploring the subtle, yet powerful, hand of God in our lives.

Are Women Supposed to Submit to Men?

Discover the power of mutual submission in family dynamics! In our latest blog post, we explore the profound wisdom of balancing love and respect within your household. Learn how following biblical principles can transform your family relationships, fostering love, harmony, and mutual understanding.



10 Life Lessons You Should Have Learned from Dad (But Maybe Didn’t)

Unlock the secrets to godly manhood with our latest blog post, "10 Life Lessons You Should Have Learned from Dad (But Maybe Didn't)." Dive into timeless wisdom that transcends generations, shaping character, faith, and integrity. Join us on a journey toward becoming the man you were destined to be.

Man in the Mirror

When you look into the mirror, what do you see?


Discover the profound impact of our choices on the path to spiritual growth. In the realm of Christian Ethics, we explore the hidden dangers of pornography, shedding light on its addictive nature and providing guidance to break free. Join us on a journey towards purity and spiritual wholeness.

Supplements and Spirituality: What Christian Men Should Know

Discover how young Christian men can navigate the world of dietary supplements while keeping faith at the forefront. Learn the importance of discernment, ethical stewardship, and balancing physical and spiritual nourishment, as we explore what the Bible says about taking care of our 'temples of the Holy Spirit.

An Open Letter to our 16 year old selves / Faith of Our Father – Daniel 6

What would you say to a 16 year old self? Would you give great advice or would you be too hard on yourself? In our second segment we take a look at Daniel Chapter 6 and Daniels challenge as he is placed in the lions den.