10 Life Lessons You Should Have Learned from Dad (But Maybe Didn’t)


In the journey toward godly manhood, there are valuable life lessons that you should have learned from your father. These lessons go beyond the surface and dive deep into the core of being a responsible and faithful Christian man. Let’s explore these lessons and their significance in shaping your character and faith.

1. God’s Transformative Power: Your dad likely taught you that you can’t change other people; only God can affect change in someone’s heart. This foundational truth emphasizes the importance of relying on God’s grace and guidance when dealing with others.

2. The Value of Research: Dad probably told you that the cheapest and most expensive models are often bad deals. The cheapest might compromise on quality, and the most expensive may not be worth the price. The best value often lies somewhere in the middle. This principle extends beyond shopping; it encourages you to approach decisions thoughtfully and avoid rushing into things.

3. The Art of Conciseness: Your father may have emphasized the importance of getting to the point quickly. Small talk and dilly-dallying can delay progress and lead to unnecessary complications. Being concise not only saves time but also fosters clear communication.

4. Facing Fears Head-On: Problems, when they arise, are rarely as painful as the fear of confronting them. Dad’s wisdom reminds you not to let fear paralyze you but to tackle challenges courageously. Trust in God’s strength to overcome difficulties.

5. Dealing with Bad Moods: Your dad likely pointed out that bad moods are a part of life. However, it’s crucial to identify the root cause of these moods and address the underlying issues. In doing so, you learn to manage your emotions constructively.

6. Honesty in Children: Children are naturally honest until they learn otherwise. Reflect on the example you set for those around you, especially the younger generation. Demonstrating honesty and integrity contributes to building godly character.

7. Contentment Over Superficiality: Dad might have advised you that if everyone on TV is exceptionally good-looking, it’s not worth watching. The media you consume can influence how you perceive beauty. Recognize that true beauty extends beyond appearances and lies in the depths of the heart.

8. The Destructiveness of Yelling: Yelling rarely leads to positive outcomes. It often exacerbates conflicts and damages relationships. Remember to communicate with patience and respect, following Christ’s example of love and gentleness.

9. Seeking God’s Approval: Whenever you worry about what others think of you, you’re essentially concerned about your own self-image. Your ultimate concern should be whether you’re living in a way that pleases God. Seeking His approval above all else guides you toward godly manhood.

10. Taking Responsibility: Your dad likely taught you that every problem you encounter is your responsibility, regardless of who caused it. Problems are often two-sided, and Scripture encourages resolving conflicts and working things out with others. Taking ownership of your actions and responses is key to godly maturity.

These ten life lessons from your father are not just practical advice but also spiritual guidance on your journey toward godly manhood. Embrace them as you strive to become a man who reflects the character of Christ, one who relies on God’s wisdom and strength to navigate life’s challenges. Your dad’s wisdom, rooted in faith and experience, continues to shape your character and guide you toward becoming a godly man of integrity and purpose.


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