Five Essential Resources to Deepen Your Understanding of Salvation


In today’s world, especially among young Christian men, there’s a growing need to have a deeper understanding of our faith. As we navigate through life’s challenges, understanding the core tenets of our faith, such as salvation, becomes vital. But where do you start? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Below are five essential resources that provide valuable insights into the doctrine of salvation. These resources are geared toward helping you strengthen your faith and develop a well-rounded understanding of this crucial Christian belief.

1. – “Soteriology – The Doctrine of Salvation

If you’re looking for an in-depth, scholarly resource, then’s article on Soteriology is for you. This resource offers a deep dive into the theology of salvation, examining it from various doctrinal perspectives. Though it’s an academic resource, it aims not to sway you towards a particular theological stance but to enrich your understanding. As you digest its contents, remember to examine it through the lens of Scripture, particularly your favored New Living Translation, to see how it aligns with your own doctrinal beliefs.

2. Greg Laurie – “What is Salvation?” (Video)

Greg Laurie is a well-known pastor who has a gift for breaking down complex theological topics into relatable, everyday language. His video on “What is Salvation?” is a must-watch. It’s perfect for those who are more visually oriented and enjoy a personable, engaging style. As a fellow pastor in the Assemblies of God, I appreciate how Laurie often incorporates Pentecostal viewpoints into his teachings. His video can be a fantastic way to reinforce your understanding or introduce the concept to younger individuals in your congregation.

3. – “What is Salvation

This website provides an alternative look at salvation, offering a somewhat different perspective than the more traditional views. While it’s always crucial to remain grounded in your own beliefs, exploring alternative viewpoints can be a healthy exercise. will challenge you to think critically and re-examine what you know, ensuring your beliefs are well-founded and robust.

4. Got Questions, Your Questions, Biblical Answers – “Questions about Salvation

If you’ve got questions, this website has answers. Unlike other resources, this platform encourages interaction and query, helping you find answers to specific questions you may have about salvation. They do not endorse a specific doctrinal stance, but the site is worth exploring for a balanced view. Consult it for when you have those intricate questions that require a well-rounded answer.

5. Our Very Own Article – “Finding Your Way Home

Last but not least, we couldn’t wrap up this list without mentioning our own resource on becoming a Christian. This article offers a straightforward guide on accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, drawing from mainline Pentecostal beliefs. It’s an ideal starting point for anyone new to the faith or for those looking to reaffirm their commitment to Christ.

The journey of understanding salvation is a lifelong pursuit that should be taken seriously. Thankfully, you’re not alone. The above resources can guide you as you delve into this significant aspect of your Christian walk. Always remember, no resource should replace the Bible as your primary guide. Read, research, but most importantly, pray for discernment as you grow in your faith.

These resources are a great starting point, and I strongly recommend incorporating them into your study routine. May your understanding of salvation deepen as you draw closer to God. Amen.


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