The Unspoken Truth: Confronting Sin and Finding Freedom


Sin. That’s right, I said it. That three-letter word that we’ve all become experts at renaming as “problems,” “issues,” or other euphemisms. We do this, especially as Americans, because admitting to sin requires divine intervention, something many of us hesitate to seek.

Why Do We Struggle?

So, you ask me, Pastor Mike, how can I overcome temptations and addictions? Whether it’s sexual temptation, pornography, or any other sin that easily ensnares us, the solution is repentance and divine forgiveness. You might have tried various techniques like internet filtering software or accountability partners, but find yourself back at square one. Why?

The “why” is often the missing piece of the puzzle. In your well-meaning attempts to change, you’ve likely skipped over key components.

1. True Repentance

A genuine heart change isn’t about regretting failure; it’s about regretting your offense against God. True repentance involves not just sorrow, but also the commitment to turn away from sin.

2. Prayer: Your Power Tool

If you’ve tuned out the topic of prayer, it’s time to listen up. The question I often ask young men is, “How’s your prayer life?” More often than not, the answer reveals a lack of dedication. Like a soldier preparing for battle, you must invest time in talking to God. Prayer isn’t a religious ritual; it’s your lifeline in times of temptation.

3. Dive into the Word

The New Living Translation of the Bible is a great place to start for modern understanding. Scripture is a treasure trove of wisdom, covering every facet of human life—from relationships to manhood. Don’t take my word for it; become a student of the Bible yourself.


If you’re struggling with sin, let me be direct: your walk with God needs strengthening. This isn’t an overnight fix; it requires commitment. Begin with genuine repentance, invest in your prayer life, and become a lifelong student of God’s Word. Through these steps, you’ll find the freedom and spiritual vitality you’re seeking.



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